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In today’s fast-paced world, traditional therapy might not fit your schedule or meet your needs for rapid, deep healing. That’s where our Therapy Intensives come in – a dynamic, concentrated approach to personal transformation.

What Are Therapy Intensives?
Therapy Intensives are extended sessions that dive much deeper than standard therapy. Tailored for busy individuals, these sessions offer a profound exploration and resolution of core issues in a fraction of the time. Whether it’s a longstanding trauma, persistent emotional challenges, or a desire for significant personal growth, our intensives are designed to deliver results quickly and effectively.

Why Choose Intensives?

Efficient and Deep Healing: Address years of challenges in significantly less time.

Focused Attention: Benefit from extended sessions that ensure thorough exploration and resolution.

Lasting Change: Experience transformative breakthroughs that have a permanent impact on your life.

In just one intensive session, you can achieve what typically takes months in traditional therapy. It’s not just about healing; it’s about reclaiming your life and unlocking your true potential.

Ready to Transform Your Life?

Take the first step towards profound change. Book a strategy call with me today, and let’s discuss how Therapy Intensives can be the key to your accelerated journey towards healing and fulfillment.

Success in personal transformation is both a science and an intuitive process, and through intensive therapy sessions, I can help you unlock those hidden parts that arent serving you anymore. These are the keys to a life that's not only simpler and more successful but also deeply fulfilling and emotionally stable.

Good Fit

  • Purpose-Driven Professionals: Individuals who are ambitious and career-focused but feel unfulfilled or stagnant, seeking deeper personal development to enhance their life and career.

  • Adults with Unprocessed Trauma:

    Those aware of past traumas affecting their current life, eager for a transformative approach to healing beyond conventional methods.

  • Busy Parents Seeking Personal Growth: Parents who recognize the need for personal healing and growth to better nurture their family but struggle to find time for regular therapy sessions.

  • Self-Aware Individuals Facing Life Transitions: People undergoing significant life changes (career shifts, relationships, etc.) and are self-aware enough to seek guided, transformative support.

  • Resilient Adults with Chronic Emotional Challenges: Those who have been through various life hardships and are looking for an effective way to address deep-seated emotional issues quickly.

Not So Good Fit

  • Individuals Seeking Surface-Level Solutions: Those who prefer quick fixes and are not ready to engage in the deep, introspective work required for lasting change.

  • People Uncomfortable with Rapid Transformation: Individuals who may feel overwhelmed by the intensity and rapid pace of change that intensives involve.

  • Those With Specific Mental Health Needs: Individuals needing specialized mental health treatment that falls outside the scope of your intensives (e.g., severe psychiatric disorders).

  • Persons Reluctant to Face Deep-Seated Issues: Individuals not ready or willing to confront and work through past traumas or deep-rooted emotional challenges.

  • Those Preferring Traditional Therapy Structure: People who are more comfortable with the gradual process and regularity of traditional, weekly therapy sessions.

I know you. You’re someone who's been through life's trials, who's felt the weight of unresolved issues. You've been searching for more – for a way to break free from the chains of past traumas and emotional burdens.

So, let's be real for a moment.

Imagine yourself 10 years from now. Will you still be struggling with the same unprocessed emotions, feeling undervalued, and drained of energy for yourself, your family, and friends?


Are you ready to finally address these deep-seated challenges and emerge as the resilient, empowered individual you're meant to be, leading a life that’s not only successful but deeply fulfilling and impactful?

The Journey


Make the Decision to Transform: Decide to embark on your transformative journey and book a consultation call to discuss your needs and explore the right path for you.


Book a Consultation Call: Schedule a consultation to discuss your needs, goals, and any concerns. This is the first step in finding the right path for you.


Choose the Best Intensive Package:

During the consultation, we'll explore various intensive package options together. Consider factors like:

Your Personal Goals: What specific outcomes are you aiming for in therapy?

Time Commitment: How much time can you realistically dedicate to the process?

Intensity of Work Required: Evaluate the depth of emotional work needed based on your unique situation.

Preferred Pace of Therapy: Determine if you prefer a more gradual approach or are ready for rapid transformation.

Post-Session Support: Discuss the level of support you’ll need after the intensive sessions.


Schedule Your Intensive: We'll finalize and schedule your chosen intensive package. This step is crucial in cementing your commitment and setting a clear timeline for your transformative journey. Together, we'll select dates and times that fit your schedule, ensuring that the entire process is tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle.


Intake Session: A foundational session to understand your background, challenges, and therapy goals. Here, we'll create a tailored plan and preparation for your intensive therapy.


Intensive Processing Session: The core therapeutic experience focused on profound exploration and resolution of identified issues, using specialized techniques for deep healing.


Follow-Up Session: A reflective session to review progress, address any new insights, and plan strategies for maintaining and building upon your growth.


Plan Your Future Steps: Create a long-term strategy to maintain and build upon the progress made, setting the foundation for a continuously evolving and fulfilling life journey.

Q & A

I need a therapy that's logical and structured. What if this new approach is too abstract or unscientific?

Intensive application of trauma-focused therapy seems to be well tolerated in patients with PTSD, enabling faster symptom reduction with similar, or even better, results, while reducing the risk that patients drop out prematurely. Even compared to other trauma therapy, the intensive format may decrease treatment time. click on the links below for more information

FAQ image

I'm worried this therapy might dampen my natural optimism. What if it makes me focus too much on the negative?

Sometimes what happens with trauma is that some aspects of it wasn't validated and given the time it needed. once it's given what it needs it's more readily able to move forward and it will be easier to be optimistic

FAQ image

I'm not sure if I can handle deep emotional work. What if it's too intense.

We go at your pace and I am there with you every step of the way. We regularly process emotions as they come up so they don't get too over whelming to handle.

FAQ image

Opening up in therapy has always been hard. What if this new method brings up too much pain too quickly?

I have experience working with individuals who have "numbed"up or have significantly dissociated from their experience. We go at your pace and we process sensations that come up regularly.

FAQ image

I need to see quick, clear progress. What if this therapy is just a lot of talking without real change?

You decide how much talking you do. Within the process itself you don't have to talk about the specifics of the trauma. In face I will say we can either talk about it, or we can process it. We can talk to get insight about the direction to go but ultimately the decision of how much detail is verbally shared is up to you.

FAQ image

My thoughts and feelings are complex. Can this therapy truly delve deep enough, or will it be too superficial?

This modality works with processing complex trauma. During our strategy call I can make a recommendation for the number of sessions may needed to address the different layers and facettes of your individual processing needs.

FAQ image

I'm not one to dwell on the past. Is this therapy going to force me to rehash old stories that I've moved on from?

This type of therapy is not talk therapy where you bring it up and then have to put it back down again. our goal is to bring it up and move it out so that this is the last time you have to rehash.

FAQ image

My thoughts and feelings are complex. Can this therapy truly delve deep enough, or will it be too superficial?

The nature of this process is that it is more physiological and can go deep to the core ore root of the issue.

FAQ image

What are the fees?

If you look just below you can check out some of our packages.

They start at $977

FAQ image

Coaching is simply solving a non-clinical problem. You know how to be a coach, trust me. I’ll show you the systems.

You are smart. This is awesome. I like you already. My program will help you monetize your coaching skills and package them in a way that attracts your ideal client as you step into the CEO role of your business.

It’s more common than you think. With my guidance and specific training on niching and hyper niching you’ll be able to spit out your new niche statement in no time. Oftentimes it’s even around your personal experiences. There are endless options in the coaching world.

If other people are doing it and making money, it’s marketable. If you are helping someone solve a serious problem in the area of health, relationships, confidence, business or money it’s even more marketable. If you can turn what you do into a problem to solution format with really strong messaging, it’s marketable.

You're going to alienate yourself if you don’t niche at all. Take your pick.

You don’t have to, I’ll teach you how to keep your business separate and protect your license.

No. I do not like extra fluff. I am a cut to the chase gal. An ICF certification would mean I would need to teach you active listening, privacy, reflection, and so on. You already know that and I guarantee you aren’t trying to spend hours logging and demonstrating mastery all for a certification. Didn’t think so.

Everyone is busy. All you need to do to be successful in this program is dedicate 5-7 hrs a week.

I get it. I have been burned by coaches before. This is why I provide a full return on investment guarantee when you work with me.

Intensive Packages

Each Package contains a Pre-Intensive Intake, The intensive Processing Session, and a followup. They can be structured to involve Weekday, Premium Evenings, and VIP Weekends.

  • Package 1: Foundation Intensive Package -

    90-minute Pre-Intensive Intake on the first day,

    2-hour Intensive Processing Session on the second day

    15-minute follow-up after one week.

  • Package 2: One-Day Breakthrough Package -

    90-minute Pre Intensive Intake on the first day

    2 hour Intensive Processing Session conducted on the same day.

    15-minute follow-up after one week.

  • Package 3 - Enhanced Breakthrough Package -

    90-minute Pre Intensive Intake on the first day

    2 hour Intensive Processing Session conducted on the same day.

    additional 2 hour Intensive Processing Session add-on for different day

    15-minute follow-up after one week.

  • Package 4 - Total Transformation Package -

    90-minute Pre Intensive Intake on the first day

    2 hour Intensive Processing Session conducted on the same day.

    additional 2 hour Intensive Processing Session add-on,

    15-minute follow-up after one week.

  • Progressive Intensive Add-Ons

    First Add-On (Second Intensive): Continuation Intensive Add-On-at 10% less.

    Second Add-On (Third Intensive): Advanced Intensive Add-On at 15% less.

What is in it for me?

  • Rapid and Deep Healing: Unlike traditional therapy, our intensives delve deep into your core issues, facilitating significant emotional and psychological breakthroughs in a condensed timeframe.

  • Comprehensive Approach: Our packages include detailed intake, intensive processing, and follow-up sessions, creating a holistic therapy experience that addresses your needs from multiple angles.

  • Support and Guidance: You’ll receive continuous support throughout your intensive journey, with personalized attention and expert guidance to navigate your path to healing.

  • Empowerment and Self-Discovery: Our goal is to empower you to understand yourself better, build resilience, and make positive changes that enhance your life and relationships.

  • Tailored to Your Needs: Each session is customized to your personal history, challenges, and goals, ensuring a therapeutic experience that resonates deeply with your individual journey.

  • Lasting Change: The intensive format is designed to produce enduring results, providing you with tools and insights that foster long-term growth and well-being.

  • Flexibility and Convenience: We understand the demands of modern life, so we offer various scheduling options, including premium evening and VIP weekend slots, to fit your busy schedule.



My go to phrase that helps you identify what still needs processing on a subconscious level.

Embrace the life transformation you deserve

— from enduring to thriving.

Shift from overburdened to empowered and impactful.

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