Hi, I’m Carly

Hi, I’m Julie and I'm a Trauma Therapist in Utah and Texas

My journey to becoming a master-certified Accelerated Resolution Therapy practitioner and Core identity Transformation Expert and Emotional Management Specialist is deeply personal. I've always been acutely aware of the profound impact trauma can have on our lives. For years, I watched friends and family members seek answers at seminars, hoping to fix something they felt was broken within them. I too knew the grip of deep-seated trauma and how it affected me. Despite numerous therapy sessions, I found that traditional cognitive approaches barely scratched the surface of what I needed.

There came a pivotal moment in my life, a traumatic event so intense that it was a matter of do or die. I needed rapid healing, not just for myself, but for the well-being of my family. It was then that I discovered Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). After just one session, I experienced profound and permanent healing. It was a revelation – I knew I was going to get through that trauma.

This transformative experience led me to become trained and eventually master-certified in ART. With over 500 processing sessions under my belt, I've honed my ability to see patterns and effectively move 'the stuck stuff' in a physiological way. My approach isn't just about coping; it's about facilitating real, lasting change. Whether you're burdened by past traumas or struggling to find a deeper sense of self, I'm here to guide you through your journey of healing and self-discovery. Together, we'll unlock the paths to a more fulfilled and balanced life.

You deserve this life. You can have it. I want this for you.

She’s an innovator

Julie is an ambitious innovator who has always taken pride in re-working the systems. As a therapist her motto was always “get off the couch” meaning it doesn’t take years on end to heal with the proper treatment. She refined Inner Evolution System with Quantum Core Imaging to help clients receive remarkable results in very few sessions.

She’s spiritual

When you don’t find Julie out in nature, riding her motorcycle, spending time with the love of her life and their children, or guiding clients to profound root transformations, She donates her time to her community and in the church she attends. She is a Christian who values her relationship with God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. She is an intuitive and conscious leader in her community. She attributes the success she has as a guide to God. Love, Truth, Integrity are important principles she lives her life by.

She’s in integrity

Every industry has its champs and chumps and to be frank there is a lot of just venting therapists in the Therapy Industry. Julie is the first one to tell you if she can help you or not and she stands firm in her commitment to helping you get your results. She will also help you find the patterns and roots that are down deep that are contributing to unfilfilling patterns in the present to build the habits you want. She cares deeply about you and the people you are meant to serve.

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